2. Inside and Outside the Box

Listen to an excerpt of the lecture named « 400 Years of Cajun Music » (Ville Platte, 2008), where David Greely talked about the evolution of Cajun music, starting from a tune he learned in Poitou, in Western France, where many Acadians originated.

Listen to the two tunes recorded by Delma Hebert and Henry DeCuir:

« Rory O’moore » and « Old Colonial Waltz »

The Lomaxes recorded the Evangeline Band leader, Henry DeCuir, in New Iberia on June 1934, when he performed two songs on the clarinet with Delma Hebert on the violin. They were described as « descendants of the original Acadian settlers of south Louisiana specialized in old colonial music of Louisiana ». The waltz was « said to be the first one introduced in Louisiana under the French Dominion ».
Musician and writer Joshua C. Caffery contrasts this view with his examination of the 1934 Lomax Louisiana Recordings, showing the diversity of regional music that extends beyond Cajun music and zydeco to rural blues, Irish and English folk songs, play-party songs, slave spirituals, and traditional French folk songs – See Traditional Music in Coastal Louisiana (LSU Press, 2013).


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