1. The Early Twentieth Century: A Diverse Musical Landscape

For transcripts of interviews with some figures of the music scene from the 1920s and 1930s and their circulation between Southwestern Louisiana and New Orleans, (in particular Hypolite Charles, Gustave Fontenette, Georges Lewis, John Joseph, Lawrence Duhé) see the Hogan Jazz Archive Oral History Database on Music Rising at Tulane University.

The adaptation of diverse musical styles within popular music from the Unites States, extending to Mexico and Cuba, has been a profoundly influential dimension of French Louisiana music. Listen to the rumba « Mama Ines », popularized in 1927 by Cuban pianist and songwriter Bola de Nieve. Four years later, the song was advertised in Lafayette. Cajun accordion player Nathan Abshire adapted it in the early 1950s under the name « Mama Rosin ».

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